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My blockchain development journey part 1

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Mark Ndugga
·Jun 29, 2022·

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My name is Mark and this is my blockchain development journey. A lot of people are in my shoes and they are wondering how to get into blockchain development. I will be focusing on the creation of smart contracts and the basics of a blockchain. The word 'blockchain' has become a buzzword in recent years and blockchain development has become an emerging industry, I believe that people who know how to build apps and deploy them on the EVM machine will be the next millionaires.

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I am currently in university at the age of 20 and I wish to drop out and follow my dream of becoming a blockchain developer. I am currently self-taught and I am learning on youtube and free code camp and various other sites. As I have no prior experience in any coding so the first thing I had to learn is how a computer works and the basics of programming. The next step was learning the basics of solidity using youtube and project-based sites using crypto zombies and buildspace these were challenging at first but I managed to complete the project and deployed my first smart contract. #

Now WAIT I know what you are thinking, I am going too fast but I think the best way to learn is by throwing yourself in the deep end, and in this scenario, I just went for it and it worked out well. I still have gaps in my knowledge so I am currently learning I just thought It would be a good idea to document my journey and who knows maybe one day I can inspire someone like me.

Thank you for reading, if you have any helpful advice let me know in the comments below I would really appreciate it.

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